The 7 day pill boxes turned out great! Our patients are very receptive of them and they help us promote our adherence message in a simple, fun way. Joel made the order process simple and gave us a great price. I recommend them.

  • M. L.
  • Broadneck Pharmacy
  • Jun 04

I am so appreciative of the resourcefulness that ProMed Supplies offers. We are new owners in the Pharmacy World and we were needing MED-T-SPOON's to give to our customers. As a new owner, we searched for the best priced and best quality that we could find. Little did we know that ProMed Supplies has the best customer services we could ask for! When you are starting out there is a lot of things going on, and when there are companies like this - it makes things a lot easier!

  • B. H.
  • Carter's Family Pharmacy
  • Jun 04

When Joel called to follow up on our last order, I told him it was "Perfect as Always". So nice to have a vendor like Pro Med!

  • S. L.
  • McNabb Pharmacy and Home Healthcare
  • Jun 04